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Director of Growth Marketing

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks

Marketing & Communications, Sales & Business Development
Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2024


Mighty Networks is a community platform that uses advanced technology and AI to create what we call ‘people magic’—connecting members to each other to build relationships and create extraordinary engagement, revenue growth, and profitability.

With over 900,000 Mighty Networks created since our founding in 2017 and some of the biggest creators, entrepreneurs, and brands in the world growing multi-million dollar memberships, courses, challenges, and events on the platform, we’re building towards a world where every person belongs to 3-5 communities that change their life.


After investing heavily in product development to create a platform that’s both unique and effective in delivering extraordinary engagement (and therefore, profit) to our customers we call Hosts, we’re ready to quickly drive new adoption of Mighty Networks.

We see tremendous opportunity in a combination of:

  • Continued organic growth from members of Mighty Networks becoming Hosts of new Mighty Networks
  • Becoming the absolute best partner to creators and affiliate referrals possible
  • Using our social accounts to provide tremendous value to prospects and the market in general
  • Building multiple successful profitable paid ad funnels for challenges and training
  • Investing in events and experiences that continue to showcase Mighty as an unique event app

With strong retention, extraordinary member engagement, a killer product roadmap, and millions in profit being generated by our Mighty Hosts, we’re ready to go.


We’re looking for a Director of Growth Marketing who can steward all activities before someone gets to our website and:

  • Crush the outbound fundamentals. This means ensuring that Mighty is consistently:
    • Testing and optimizing new paid ad funnels and channels
    • Posting valuable content to social media and other channels
    • Generating new email campaigns and scenarios to be as personalized as possible
    • Scaling budget profitably against the optimal CAC to unleash further growth
  • Drive rapid, memorable, and disciplined communication via briefs, copy, and results in a way that optimizes for strong executive presentation.
  • Demonstrate great judgment on when to roll up your sleeves to do the work versus recruit phenomenal people and let them run.
  • Drive our marketing investment to generate $3 of revenue for every $1 spent—and watch these numbers very carefully and prudently.
  • Identify and execute quick wins to bring net new traffic to Mighty’s website, while mapping out and executing the most impactful long-term growth strategy for Mighty.
  • Reinforce a culture of excellence, experimentation, differentiation, hard work, and taking bets.


Marketing is a funny thing.

It’s easy to use a lot of words and jobs to look ‘strategic.’ But if you don’t actually generate attention—as measured today by brand awareness, traffic, views, followers, your funnel, and ultimately, revenue—you can’t call yourself a good growth marketer.

Results that show attention generated, matter the most.

Specifically, this person needs to be able to point to concrete growth, revenue, and attention they’ve generated directly in past roles.

In this context, results mean you’ve:

  • Built multiple profitable paid ad funnels with ads, creative, landing pages, email drip campaigns, and even webinars that have converted.
    • Oversaw media buying in-house
    • Produced or partnered on rapid updates to creative
    • Partnered with outside creators for additional creative production
    • Did the copywriting yourself in a pinch
  • Hired and oversaw the talent that grew social channels at least 10x to over 100,000 followers for a brand and/or 350,000 followers for a creator.
  • Launched and maintained creator partnerships and referrals. Ideally, you have a well-worn playbook for doing it.
  • Used virtual and IRL events and experiences to achieve profitable revenue growth.
  • Put results and the mission of the company in front of personal ambitions (although ideally, it’s clear how these things are absolutely aligned).