Editorial Director

Mighty Networks

Palo Alto, CA, US

The third member of our new creative team is an innovative Editorial Director who has that unique ability to capture the voice, ideas, mission, stories, and passion swirling around Mighty Networks inside and outside the company and turn it into a cohesive brand voice and experience to recruit new Mighty Hosts and make them wildly successful.

Our ideal Editorial Director will be akin to the Host/Editor-In-Chief of Mighty Networks. This person is passionate about storytelling and community building from videos to posts to podcasts and beyond. The Editorial Director’s dream is to create a community-powered brand that people LOVE.


  • Work closely with Mighty Networks’ CEO, VP of Marketing, and VP of Growth to capture and refine our overall messaging, ideas, arguments, and success stories from our Mighty Hosts (what we call our customers)

  • Team up with Mighty Networks’ CEO to write pieces and essays that advocate for Mighty Networks’ unique view on the next decade of social networks (and the power of deep interest networks)

  • Closely collaborate with our Brand Design and Development team to deliver the most effective messaging and stories that capture and communicate the value of a Mighty Network to prospective and current Mighty Hosts

  • Capture and tell the stories of Mighty Hosts who LOVE their Mighty Networks out in the world and in our Mighty Hosts social network


We’re looking for an Editorial Director with certain sensibilities and a strong voice that not only matches our sensibilities, but takes them to places we didn’t think were possible.

This may be you if you are:

  • As obsessed with our mission as we are (and love telling stories like this one)

  • An experienced storyteller comfortable with short, provocative messages that stand out in social media *and* longer Profile Stories, videos, and podcasts

  • The owner of a great portfolio that demonstrates a strong voice and wide range of ways you apply that voice to effectively communicate engrossing stories, profiles, and arguments

  • Willing to roll up your sleeves and write, not just ask other people to write while you strategize

  • Intensely curious about how posts move through social media and organizations for maximum impact – so curious, in fact, you’ve sought out SEO strategies, data-driven analytics and A/B testing of content

  • Eager to experiment, take risks, and not shy away from new forms of storytelling on mobile video and audio – you’re as comfortable on Snapchat and Instagram as you are on LinkedIn

  • Looking to make your mark on the world at this stage in your career with a level of intensity, contribution, and results that speak to a sense of speed and urgency that permeates the rest of Mighty Networks

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