Technology Evangelist

at NewsCred / New York City, NY, US

Company Description

At NewsCred we think that the future of marketing is in brands thoughtfully and genuinely speaking to people with the intention of making their lives better. The truth is that when we started the company we didn’t know much about marketing, but we did know as individuals that we weren’t satisfied with the way that we were being marketed to. Fast-forward to today, we’ve built the world’s leading content marketing company. We build software that supports marketers in content planning, creation, publishing and analysis. We provide both bespoke original content and content that is licensed from the world’s best publishers that our brand customers use to speak to their audiences. Finally, as pioneers in our industry we provide unique professional services to make sure that our customers are as successful as can be in content marketing. NewsCred exists because of the simply stated but enormously difficult challenge that marketers have in publishing wonderful content that actually helps us, the individuals that they are ultimately trying to reach.

Job Description

The Problem: NewsCred has an unique and amazing engineering culture that we are really proud of, but nobody knows about it. Your job is to spare no cost and leave no stone unturned in getting the word out about what we’re doing at NewsCred Engineering. Activities you might find yourself engaged in include but are not limited to:

Being the editor-in-chief for our engineering blog
Representing the company at tech events
Leading campus recruiting initiatives
Managing our engineering team’s social media presence
We think you’ll be good at this job if you:

are technically oriented. You might have a software engineering background or at the very least dabbled in hacking at some point.
consider organization to be one of your strengths. This role will involve coordinating a lot of different activities with large numbers of very busy people.
are extroverted or at the very least enjoy interacting with lots of people, some of whom you know but most of whom are strangers to you.
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What we can offer you!

Best in class compensation plans
Great benefits, including medical, vision and dental
Generous vacation policy